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What Are the Benefits Of Inbound Marketing?

Introverted marketing is always trying to find the right customers for the business and then turn them into loyal customers by establishing deep communication and creating pleasure. Most traditional marketing methods have lost their effectiveness and do not motivate modern customers enough.

That is why introverted marketing has become more and more popular in recent years than it was yesterday, and it is trying to solve the problems of traditional methods well by providing up-to-date solutions.

The idea of ​​introverted marketing is to sell something without "selling"! In fact, your customers will buy your product because of their needs. The importance of this issue becomes clear when you know that in today's world, people are no longer looking to buy a product! Rather, our goal in purchasing any product is to gain a new "experience".

In introverted marketing, we provide only the information our audience needs, and this helps our brand grow and our business to be recognized as a thoughtful leader in the minds of the audience.

What Are The Differences Between Introverted And Extroverted Marketing?

Introverted marketing is completely customer oriented. In this way, all the information that consumers need to make the right decision is made available to them. In traditional or extrovert marketing, the focus is on "what your business is selling".

But in extrovert marketing, it is about "what your business identity is and why it sells such a product or service."

In fact, traditional marketing, unlike introverted marketing, is sales-oriented. Instead of focusing on the customer's needs and talking about his needs, he explains the features of his product.

This fundamental difference has made traditional marketing much more expensive. In introverted marketing, relying on creativity, effort and continuity and publishing content that offers good value to people, organic customer attraction is done at a lower cost.

Flywheel in Inbound Marketing

In inbound marketing, instead of using a sales funnel, a flywheel is used. In this way, customers and audiences will not interact with your business just once. Because they enter the circle and become loyal customers. These loyal customers will somehow act as your company's new marketers and bring more people into the circle. The faster the wheel spins, the faster your business will grow. The wheel consists of three parts: attraction, interaction and pleasure

Attraction strategy

This step depends a lot on the production and distribution of effective content. The attraction stage can also be defined as the audience access stage. To do this, you need to generate content distributions such as blog posts and social media posts. Note that this content must provide "value" to the audience. For example, you need to show how your product solves a specific problem for your audience. If you want to be more effective at this stage (in the digital world), it is better to consider a suitable content marketing strategy and SEO for your content.

Interaction Strategy

The engagement phase is when you need to build a lasting, long-term relationship with your audience. In other words, you need to interact with your audience in such a way that they themselves seek to maintain and continue to communicate with you. Therefore, it is good to show them the value that your business can give to the audience. To have a successful engagement strategy, ‌ Focus on customer service and sales. Listen to customers' problems and make sure you always sell the solution to the problem instead of selling it.

Pleasure Strategy

The pleasure phase ensures that customers will remain happy and satisfied for a long time after purchasing from your business. At this stage, you and your team members should become consultants who are ready to help and guide clients at any time. The pleasure phase, which is a kind of customer support phase, can take about six months. At this stage you should record the customer experience in using the product / service, get feedback from them and try to solve their problems. The use of chatbots and social networks is recommended for this step.

What Is the Difference Between Introverted Marketing and Content Marketing?

Inbound marketing and content marketing both rely on content production, appropriate distribution and distribution, and ultimately its effectiveness on the audience. Both methods try to get the right and needed content to the audience instead of besieging them with lots of ads and useless content. However, inbound marketing and content marketing cannot be considered synonymous.

Content marketing is a subset of inbound marketing. Because Inbound does not only use content to help customers; Rather, they are a collection of works that form an inbound marketing. However, content marketing serves as the lifeblood of inbound marketing. An artery without which inbound marketing no longer makes sense.

What is the difference between introverted marketing and digital and internet marketing?

Abduction marketing is born at the heart of digital and internet marketing. However, you should not assume that inbound marketing methods are limited to the digital world. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that can be used in all aspects of marketing. For example, if you want to inform your services by printing and distributing brochures, you can do so both inbound and outbound.

When you randomly distribute a brochure or tract on the street to everyone, you are actually doing extroverted marketing; But when you distribute the brochure in a place related to your services (for example, distributing the brochure of the front care center in a clinic), your method will be closer to introverted marketing.

Principles Of Inbound Marketing

1- The audience

Having information from your audience is your first and most important principle and tool in introverted marketing.

But who is the audience?

Everyone your company / business interacts with, including blog readers, social media followers, customers, partners and even company employees, is an audience. In inbound marketing, the audience list is not limited to just a few names and their contact information; Rather, each name represents an individual who is individually valuable and with whom you must have a lasting relationship. Remember that in introverted marketing, everything revolves around the customer.

A complete list of audiences lets you know who you are serving, thus identifying the needs of each person (or group of people) individually. Of course, keep in mind that having a contact list does not mean that you have a lot of confusing information, and you have to separate and record useful information from them. For example, if you are a shampoo company, it would be very helpful to categorize your audience by gender. Because this way you can email information about men's and women's shampoos separately for each person. But if you work in another field such as education, another category such as age and level of education may come in handy instead of gender.

2- Customer persona

In addition to knowing who you are in a relationship with, you need to know who you want to be in a relationship with. For example, you want to increase your website traffic, but you will not need a lot of irrelevant visitors! Instead, you need people who are right and relevant to your work to come to the website and read your content. Those who will be your first leads and eventually your satisfied customers.

These right people form the customer persona: The customer persona is the semi-imaginary character or characters that represent your ideal customers, and you build them based on real information and your own assumptions. Some of the persona information is obtained by researching and analyzing the information of those who are currently your customers. This concept in inbound marketing helps you to put yourself in the audience's shoes, assess their needs and produce content for them in the same way.

3- Customer travel

Customer travel is a process that we have all experienced as customers of different brands. This concept actually represents the process by which the person is attracted to your business and ultimately makes the purchase. The customer journey consists of three main stages. 1- Awareness stage: It is the time when a person becomes aware of his problem and seeks a solution for it.

2- Consideration stage: In this stage, the person reaches several solutions and service providers to solve his problem.

3- Decision making: The stage in which a person chooses one of the solutions and service / product providers to solve his problem.

Your customers may reach your website in any of these three steps. Your job is to prepare the right content for each stage.

4- Content

As mentioned earlier, a successful inbound marketing strategy requires appropriate content. In other words, inbound marketing is the right content + the right context for that content. Blog posts, videos, webinars, podcasts, social media posts, گی are all content that your audience will reach at every stage of inbound marketing. Content production field is actually the people for whom you produce content, and you have to choose the right content for them. For example, someone who has been buying your customer's shoes will probably find the marketing talk irrelevant to your website.

5- Determining the goal

Has my inbound marketing strategy been successful? What should I optimize for the next marketing period? How did my audience sign up for a webinar? Has my website traffic growth been good?

If you do not know what your goal of introverted marketing is, you will never be able to answer these questions properly. Goal setting is one of the most important principles of introverted marketing and without it your strategy and all your efforts will be meaningless. You need to set different time periods with specific goals for yourself, and at the end of each period, measure your success in different ways. SEO rank, the performance of landing pages in attracting the audience, the click-through rate of emails, the amount of interaction on social networks, and. Each are one of these methods. But you should be careful not to limit yourself to just one method. For example, reaching 1000 comments on Instagram is good, but it is not a sign of success. It is true that your post has been viewed at least 1000 times, but are all the 1000 people who left comments for you customers?

Learn More About Introverted Marketing Methods

Introverted marketing has made it possible to better introduce businesses in the spaces where your customers are most present and involved. In order to use this marketing method to establish a closer relationship with your customers in each of the stages of attraction, interaction and pleasure, it is necessary to know more about the different marketing strategies at each stage of the cycle. In the following, we will introduce these methods:

Attraction Tools In Introverted Marketing

You can use the following tools to attract more customers through introverted marketing:

Blogging is an effective way

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract users and good sales leads. In this way, you have to focus on producing content that answers all the potential questions of your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Needs To Be Seen

SEO (search engine optimization) is a very important tool in the world of introverted marketing. This tool helps you get your message across to your potential customers through search engines.

The fact is that just producing good content and answering customer questions is not enough. Because if you do not use SEO tools, you will receive less attention in search engines and practically your good content will not reach the audience! Therefore, you should pay special attention to this tool.

Videos with amazing effect

In order for more visitors to enter your site, you need to make the best use of different types of videos. You can make videos about tips for using different products, videos about "how" to do different things for your customers, or any other idea that adds value to your audience.

Any video that can have a chance to be seen on social media and reach your right audience. We need to remind you not to forget the magic tool of call-to-action in any content, including video content - or inviting the audience to accompany you in doing something.

Instagram Marketing, The Key to Success

Social media is one of the most important part of success in introverted marketing. Meanwhile, Instagram has a special place as the most popular social network in Iran. Instagram marketing is a good platform in which to use all the inbound marketing strategies and get good results. Especially since the new Instagram algorithm also works based on the philosophy of inbound marketing!

Targeted Advertising

Do not use search engine advertising or social media marketing to attract more visitors to your site. In doing various ads, you need to make sure that the content of the ad is fully optimized to attract the right audience.

Interaction tools in introverted marketing

In the interaction phase, there are several ways to better interact with customers, which are introduced in the following:

Standard forms, a platform for interaction

Using standard information forms on landing pages is one of the best ways to turn leads into a customer. In presenting these forms, optimizing the content and simplifying them as much as possible for accurate communication with the customer is very important.

As mentioned, the purpose of these forms is to obtain sufficient information from the audience in order to send more information and the tools they need. Doing so will ultimately lead to deeper communication and interaction between you and them through this low-cost and effective method.

Email Marketing Is An Important And Efficient Way

Using email marketing is as important and effective as any other method. This tool allows more audiences to engage with your business environment and get closer. In email marketing, personalize your messages as much as possible according to your customers and audience to see the brilliant results of this method.

Dialogue-Based Marketing, Sparks More Communication

Provide online chat or chat on your site so you can spark more communication with your customers and audience. Close communication with the audience is the key to success in long-term and better interaction, and the use of such tools has provided the ground for such communication more than ever.

Fun Tools In Inbound Marketing

So far, we have briefly introduced the tools of attraction and interaction. Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground in introverted marketing:

Smart Content, A Smart Way To Market

Smart content is content that is personalized according to the characteristics of the user who is viewing the content. This type of content is very attractive to users because of this principle of personalization and leads to their enjoyment.

In this way, you can consider your customer's taste and provide the right solution to your needs better and more efficiently than before. You can use this method to introduce your products, invite them to events, special offers and things like that.

Example: When your main audience is children, you should use content types that are appropriate for them. Use cheerful and attractive colors that attract their attention. Use childish illustrations instead of real graphics and photos, the tone of your writing is not formal and…

Do Research And Report, Pay More Attention To Customers

Doing a variety of research will not only help your market research, it will also remind your customers that you care about them. Such research will help you understand how valuable you are to your customers and what improvements you need in your marketing plans.

Example: Do various surveys, after the purchase, ask the customer to comment on the quality of the product, distribute questionnaires from time to time and ask customers what they think your new products should meet.

Examining Social Feedback Is A Way To Assess Customer Needs

Want to know exactly what your customers are looking for? Just ask! In addition, evaluating user behavior in social spaces helps you understand what customers are looking for and respond to their needs.

Example: Read and respond to audience comments carefully. Pay special attention to dissatisfied customers and stay calm in dealing with them.

Introverted marketing is a modern marketing method in which the business goal is not just to sell a product or service. Rather, the goal is to solve the audience's problems. By doing this, your customers will become loyal customers. Content marketing is the most important part of introverted marketing. By producing content, you attract the audience and turn them into customers by giving valuable information. After the purchase, you should always be a consultant and accountable to your customers so that they interact with you and enjoy.

Source: Real Human Website Traffic